unconditional love

nothing feels right. but i am going to listen to and trust the smartest person i know (my sister).


family first.



"Everything I’ve ever let go of has claw marks on it."
– David Foster Wallace (via uponswallows)

(via atomized)


what it is like to be truly, painfully alone.

"It’s condescending to conceal your needs from other people because you’re assuming that the other person can’t meet them. It conceals your humanity and denies theirs. Old people can smell this from a hundred yards. The specific condescending thing you did here was to artificially wrap things up instead of saying, “I need to make this call for work before five,” or “I need to change the baby,” or even, “I only get to see you for a few hours today, I want to talk about something happy.” You say those things to someone who is a part of your life, but you conceal them from someone who can’t handle them, someone you manage. If this had happened to me, I would assume the person didn’t want to be managed and wanted the chance to just be like, sure, go change the baby."
– from Ask. good to remember. (via atomized)

"poor people can’t really fuck with rich people long term without somebody getting murdered, but would i have a tawdry affair with a dude who could whisk me away to his private island for months at a time? you bet your taco i would. also, i like the idea of a person with absorbing hobbies. i can’t date anyone who is going to fuck up my tv-watching time or interrupt my listening to podcasts in the shower for hours on end."
– SAMANTHA IRBY Y’ALL. (via atomized)

sometimes you lose. and sometimes…

i used to really like

pictures of the sky/galaxy/cosmos/whatever that people often post on tumblr. now i can’t fucking stand them because of stupid physics class.